Patient Health Insurance Processing & Verification California

Many medical professionals spend as much or more time trying to manage their practice’s operations as they do seeing patients. At Conejo Valley Practice Management, Inc., we strive to reduce this burden, so you can spend more time focusing on patients and less time on clerical work and operations management. We offer complete medical practice management that includes patient health insurance processing and verification in California.

Medical Practice Management

When you choose us for medical practice management services, including patient health insurance processing and verification in California, you’re going to get complete oversight, tailored around the needs of your unique practice. We’re set up to handle all of the major tasks and demands of day-to-day operations, keeping your practice running efficiently and without costly errors. Our abilities include:

  • Set-up patient demographics
  • Day sheet reports
  • Monthly patient statements
  • Patient aging
  • Monthly financial overview of your practice
  • Weekly courier pick-up

We use HIPAA-compliant software that each of our practices has direct access to, guaranteeing the safety and integrity of patient data and other sensitive information.

Medical Billing Services

Medical billing is one of the largest single concerns for any practice and among the most time-consuming to manage. We undertake the entire scope of work, so you don’t have to worry about billing, guaranteeing accuracy and efficiency. Our capabilities include:

  • Insurance billing (via electronic and/or hardcopy)
  • Posting payments
  • Daily credit manager
  • Collection accounts

We strive to make sure accounts are paid on time, in full, or accommodations are made for repayment. By keeping your practice on top of billing, you’ll see a healthier day-to-day operational cash flow and have a better understanding of your practice’s balance sheet.

Medical Coding Services

Coding protocols need to be thorough and precise for your practice to operate efficiently. We make sure they are! Our team is made up of coding specialists with ongoing training to stay on top of current expectations. We provide your practice with the coding services it needs, including:

  • Review CPT and ICD.10 codes prior to claim submission
  • Clearinghouse review of all codes prior to being sent
  • Yearly updates of CPT and ICD.10 codes

When you need to make sure your coding is handled correctly and consistently, turn to the experienced team at Conejo Valley Practice Management, Inc.

Medical Claims Services

Handling claims can be time-consuming and unfruitful unless approached by someone with the ability to process them quickly and accurately while staying on top of any that may require extra attention. We’re your all-in-one claims service, handling the entire process:

  • Verify patient insurance
  • Process patient insurance claims
  • Submit all insurance claims
  • Appeal all insurance claims not paid correctly
  • Follow-up with payers 60 days after generating the initial claim if unpaid

If you’re looking to hand off practice management, make sure you’re entrusting a company that can diligently undertake everything. Conejo Valley Practice Management, Inc. aims to be your partner in patient health insurance processing, verification, and more. Give us a call today at 805-375-0874 to learn more about how we can serve you.